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GoToMyPC Pro enables businesses to quickly and easily roll out a secure remote-access solution for 4-20 employees via an online Administration Center, immediately increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Product Overview
GoToMyPC Pro provides your organization with instant remote access to email, files, applications and network resources in real time. GoToMyPC Pro extends your workplace to any Web-enabled computer so that your employees can be productive from home, on the road, at a client's office or wherever they happen to be. See how other organizations are increasing their productivity with GoToMyPC Pro
Telecommuting Work on your PC remotely and access email, files, applications and your company intranet from home.
Mobile Work Access and use your PC from hotels, airports, satellite offices, Internet cafés or from anywhere in the world with Web access.
Collaboration Invite a colleague to your desktop and work together on your presentation in real time.
Sales Instantly show a prospect your product on your PC desktop.
Remote Administration Reboot or fix your server after hours or while traveling.
Remote Support Invite someone to your PC to fix it remotely. For a comprehensive remote-support solution, go to DesktopStreaming™.
Increase Productivity Empower employees to work after hours or from the road, finish work at any convenient time and securely access the files, applications and resources they need in real time, on demand. Try it now to see for yourself how much more productive your organization can be.
Save Money With no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade, GoToMyPC Pro has no hidden costs. It easily pays for itself in increased productivity and it is significantly less expensive than other remote-access options such as virtual private networks (VPNs).
Increase Sales Your sales force can access the documents and resources it needs to close sales and continue working while on the road. Because you can also use it to invite others to view your computer, GoToMyPC Pro is a simple and powerful demonstration tool that can dramatically decrease the length of your sales cycle.
Increase Employee Satisfaction The flexibility of working remotely is an important employee benefit that can help you recruit, retain and motivate employees.
Click here to try it. To learn more about GoToMyPC Pro, call (888) 646-0020.
     GoToMyPC Corporate™ offers more extensive administrative and reporting capabilities and greater control. For a quote and test drive, click here or call (888) 646-0016 or +1 (805) 690-5780.
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